Prazopress XL (Prazosin Hydrochloride OPS Tablets)
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Prazopress XL (Prazosin Hydrochloride OPS Tablets)

Prazopress XL (Prazosin Hydrochloride OPS Tablets). Dosage form: OPS (Osmotic Pump System) Tablets. Composition: Each film coated OPS tablet contains: Prazosin Hydrochloride IP equivalent to Prazosin 2.5 mg or 5 mg.

Prazopress XL (Prazosin Hydrochloride OPS Tablets)

Dosage form:

OPS (Osmotic Pump System) Tablets.


Each film coated OPS tablet contains:

Prazosin Hydrochloride IP equivalent to Prazosin 2.5 mg or 5 mg.


Prazosin OPS is a controlled release delivery system that delivers prazosin, an active moiety, over an extended period of time for slow absorption in body.

Though it is analogous in manifestation to a conservative tablet, it consists of an osmotically active drug core enclosed by a semi- porous membrane. The core itself is separated into two layers: an active layer enclosing the drug and a push layer enclosing osmotically active component. The membrane surrounding the tablet is porous to water but not to the medication or osmotic excipient. This membrane is made up of polymer called cellulose acetate, which is biologically inert and not absorbed or degraded by body.

As the tablet travels through gastrointestinal tract after oral ingestion, water from gastro intestinal tract penetrates the tablet through semi-permeable membrane; force increases in the osmotic layer and pushes alongside the drug layer, ensuing in the discharge of drug through a minute laser-drilled orifice in the membrane on the drug face of the tablet. Drug delivery is basically steady as long as the osmotic gradient remains stable and then steadily falls to zero. When this process is complete, empty shell, which remains intact during gastrointestinal transit, is eradicated in the feces.

Clinical Pharmacology

The pharmacological profile of Prazopress XL is identical to that of plain prazosin tablets, since the active ingredient (prazosin) is the same in both the formulations.

Prazopress XL competitively and selectively blocks post-synaptic alpha-1 adrenoceptors. This blockade prevents norepinephrine from accessing these receptors, and hence prevents norepinephrine-induced vasoconstriction. Prazosin lowers blood pressure in humans by relaxing both veins and resistance vessels. The fall in blood pressure is due to a fall in peripheral resistance. This is accompanied by a reflex tachycardia and at worst there is a small increase in the standing heart rate.

Rebound elevation of blood pressure does not seem to arise subsequent sudden termination of therapy with prazopress XL.

Most medical studies specify that-Chronic therapy with prazoprezz XL has little result on plasma renin action. Nevertheless information advocates a temporary amplify in plasma renin activity subsequent the original dose, as well as attenuated temporary augments with following doses.

At doses significantly advanced than those obligatory for antihypertensive activity, prazopress XL has mild CNS depressant movement, reduced heart norepinephrine and adrenal epinephrine in rats, causes diuresis in anaesthetized dogs, but fluid maintenance in awake dogs and mice and is hyperglycemic in rats.

In medical studies in which lipid summaries were followed, there were normally no unfavorable changes eminent between pre-treatment and post-treatment lipid levels.


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