Meclizine Drug Alternatives
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Meclizine Drug Alternatives

These are five medicine known for other usual indications but can also be used for motion sickness prevention.

Meclizine is an Over-The-Counter medication available in 12.5 mg for kids and 25 mg for adults. The drug is commonly in chewable tablet form making it very handy to take even without water.

With the brand names Bonamine, Dizitab, Nodiz and Postadozine, Meclizine is probably the most popular travel sickness medication. Consumers tend to ask for this drug whenever they plan for a trip. Indeed motion sickness can be one great discomfort in travelling.

However, there are other drugs that can be a substitute for Meclizine. The following are the five medications known for other uses that can also be used for motion sickness prevention.


Dimenhydrinate (Emes, Gavol) is an antivertigo medication commonly directed for people experiencing dizziness because of high blood pressure. Its sedation property is more powerful than Meclizine that it can also be used as a sleep-aid.


Cinnarizine (Stugeron, Cinamin, Cinarin, Cinabloc, Vertisin) is also categorized as an antivertigo and as cerebral and peripheral dilators. It is used in prophylaxis and maintenance therapy for symptoms of cerebrovascular spasms and arteriosclerotic disorders due to aging, Meniere's disease and labyrinthine disturbances.


Diphenhydramine (Allerin AH, Benadryl) falls in the same group of dimenhydrinate as aminoalkyl esters. This drug is usually used for its anti-allergic effect for hay fever, utricaria and other skin allergies and also as an antitussive. It has an antispasmodic and a sedative property that this can also be used as an anti-emetic.


Hyoscine (Buscopan, Ascopen, Buscomed, Busopin) is an antispasmodic medicine, indicated for smooth muscle spasm in the GIT including biliary and renal colic. Parenterally or through injection, it is used as an aid in diagnostic and therapeutic procedures like gastroduodenal endoscopy and radiology. Hyoscine is not normally used as an anti-emetic because of its other popular uses, but it can also be an effective remedy for motion sickness.


Domperidone (Motilium, Andiogan, Domphenyl, Domper, Gasidone, Gilax) is commonly used for its prokinetic actions in the gastro intestinal motility. It is considered as an anti-emetic but not suitable for chronic nausea and vomiting.


  • Anti-emetic drugs have seven types – the 5HT3 antagonist, antimuscarinics, NK1 antagonist, antihistamines (H1), dopamine (D2) antagonist, cannabinoids and the corticosteroids.
  • Hyoscine is under the antimuscarinics. Domperidone belongs to the Dopamine antagonist while, Meclizine, Dimenhydrinate, Dipenhydramine, Cinnarizine and domperidone are under the antihistamines.
  • Similar with the intake of Meclizine, the drugs mentioned above should be taken thirty minutes before departure.
  • The common side-effect is drowsiness, therefore drugs like CNS depressant and alcohol should not be taken.
  • The five drug options are ALL prescription medicine unlike Meclizine. There are the contraindications and the hazards of adverse-effects. Talk to a medical professional before trying these alternative anti-emetics.


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